Having just spent 12 hours straight at Downtown Music Studios in Soho Manhattan with my brethren Jaxon Dillon-Fish (Bass), Tim Sharp (Electric Guitar, Vocal Harmonies), Tony Rouhotas (Drums), Alterik Wilburn (Manager Esq.), and Mark De Olivera (Rap Artist) and our new team members Shamel Hughes (Sound Engineer) and Jeff Soto (who captured the entire experience with his fine use of video skills and very accurate musical ear) I find myself feeling deeply satisfied. Every one of the team members raised to the challenge and knocked the ball out of the park with every swing. Humbled is a word of inadequate description in relation to my experience with this cast of characters. I am overwhelmed with gratitude in finding myself surrounded by such incredible fellows who constantly offer me support, love and respect. Each experience with these cats, I feel, amplifies my own personal growth and I love working within our team. If I am to be honest (and so shall I be), I feel this recording session has captured my best work to date in terms of singing and musicality. Rarely have I written and shared more personal words than those in the lyrics of these new songs; which are powerfully poignant and writhe with symbolic stories.

Where would I be without The Rouge Royale and our team, of what I consider, excellent individuals? Where indeed might I ask… but here I find myself in a boat that we each work to build and each help to sail.